Saturday, May 12, 2012

To Find The One

Have I mentioned I love priests?  I love priests.  :D

I include a clip taken with my phone of what happened last week Sunday.  I had been invited previously out to lunch any (and every) Sunday I want.  I decided to take my hosts up on that offer last week because I had some news to tell them.  They said we were going to go to some burger joint.  As it turned out, they invited more and more people to the point where we COULDN'T go to the burger joint, there was not enough room.  We ended up going to an Irish pub (owned by a Catholic, Pope Benedict's picture is hanging) and more and more people kept coming (there were over 30?)!!  It was great!  The restaurant had to put tables and tables together.  We had one quarter of the downstairs to ourselves!  Some even invited others, but, I do not believe the other few came.  Almost one-quarter of the parish (one-fifth?) was there.  It was amazing!

Father was there.  The thing is, he couldn't sit still.  He kept getting up and checking on everybody.  I mean he KEPT going back and forth.  Maybe he just didn't like the company he had at the one end of the table (he was at the head).  He kept going back and forth.  Even in the video, he is the shepherd (and this was noted by more than one person) and we are all passive and grazing and bleating.

Forgive for not concentrating on any one person, I wanted to get how many people were there but if I were to take a picture, I would not be able to include everybody and so, rather than take multiple pictures, I took multiple pictures so rapidly they compile a video.  I tried to get the best light.  Forgive.

He ate quickly and as soon as he was done he was back up again.

He also helped me two Fridays in a row after Mass.  In spite of his life and the prayers he must say, he

Speaking of which, St. Joseph's (remember St. Joseph's?  Awesome Stations of the Cross?) has a Mass Fridays at 1730.  If I leave work RIGHT at 1630, I can just make it.  I stopped home first (after leaving work a little late anyway) and got to Mass as the first reading was being read (the Mass is OF).  This time I noticed how reverent everything was instead of sneering at the inferiority of it.  I still hate the Stations of the Cross in that room (it's a small chapel behind the sanctuary); Station Eleven is Pummel Horse Jesus, but, I noticed that the Tabernacle has a Tabernacle Lamp next to it and the priest is very holy.  His homily was on God's Love and how Jesus loved His Father so much He did His Will perfectly and even died because the Father Willed it.  He loved His Father so much that He did all for Him.  I have always heard that God died for us because He loved us.  I've never heard it from this perspective, but, I guess He would love the Father more since it's eternal.

Anyway, in between Mass and Exposition (as he was getting things ready for Exposition), I asked Father if he can hear my confession after Exposition.

And he insists on hearing it then.  He KNOWS the value and wants to reconcile me!  I love priests.

I didn't make an examination of conscience, I thought I would have Adoration to do that!

But, I knew what I mostly wanted off me that was weiging me down.

Adoration was much better.

I love priests.

Also, Father John Hollowell (two blogs:  "On This Rock," and, "I Have A Say") is being transfered.  One of his new parishoners Tweeted him to say she will debate him on everything he says.  She is being given him for a reason and he is being transferred for a reason.  The bones you crush may thrill.

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