Tuesday, February 24, 2009


That looks cool, right? That's what I want my license plate down here to say.

But, before I get my license plate, I have to get my license. Before I get my license, they need to see my birth certificate. This is what they told me when my mom was still down here and I inquired about it. My mom goes back to IL and sends me a copy of the Birth Certificate. I tell her it wont work. She asks me why wont it work? It should work. I tell her it's because it's the copy, they need the original. However, I will try.

Well, I cannot try the monday after I recieve that because that's President's Day, so, though I have the day off, the Government buildings/businesses are closed.

I go this past Monday. I even get tarted up to go this past Monday (I will post pics just as soon as I think it's inappropriate....). I go in the afternoon.

I almost slip out the door without my Birth Certificate Copy, but, I remember without it this whole thing is useless and so I go get it.

I get there and sign in and wait. In the meantime, there was a mother who brought her son to get his license. He was sent home from McAlester High because his hair was purple. I commented him on it because it matched his jacket. The hair was a light frosted lavender. I asked him to take off his cap so I could see it all. It was only the ends of some parts. The rest of his hair was blond. It turns out his hair was in a faux hawk style and the tips were coloured when he went to....some....water park or something over the weekend. His mother, wearing a Christian sweatshirt, thought it was pretty dumb too.

My name is called. I go up there. I present the Copy.

I am told that they need the Original. They need the one with the Seal. They need the one from which that was copied. I take my Copy and immediately call my mom (yes, I was in the building and I had to be reminded to go outside).

Let everybody else learn from my mistake. You MUST have the ORIGINAL Birth Certificate if you are getting a license in OK because the rules have changed.

....You could still get by with a copy or a forgery if you're running for President of this country, though....

But, I'm much too Ravenclaw for that.

I Hate Rogers & Hammerstein

There is so much that has happened work wise in the past three weeks, BUT, let me put this one in there as a sorbet. I hope you find this all as ironic and humourous as it has occurred to me. I originally mourned my coming to live in this state, and my existence therein, but have learned to not only appreciate but I dare say, enjoy, the sufficiency this area has to offer. (The one downfall is that, because it is a small area, though there is free market competition, businesses close. One must schedule ones activities/errands of the day around a business' open hours, which varies for all businesses, some of which close for lunch. Needless to say, the 24-hour Wal Mart makes a killing.)

However, despite me being at peace with my situation, some have decided to highlight select disturbances for me, intentionally, because it occurred to them, or morbid curiosity.

Let us start, shall we, with one Tennessean, (WHO FOR THE RECORD, I AM STILL IGNORING) who pronounces a small river of water, i.e., a "creek," as, "crick", and uses phrases like, "Yee Doggies," who has the audacity to send me a music file of "Dueling Banjos".

Maybe I am misinterpriting this. Maybe it wasn't a slight at me in any way. Maybe it's just because that movie from whence that theme is was based on him.

It doesn't matter because I'M IGNORING YOU, DOUG!

Right. Second. Friend of the family called me the other day. Wonderful woman. Great woman. Called me the other day to see how I was and how life is here. The reason she did this. 'Have you ever seen the movie, "My Cousin Vinnie?" About those two kids who are accused of robbery in a small town and the lawyer and the girlfriend come down? That reminded me of your situation!"

Well, yes, that DOES work, but, you know what else is appropriate? Mix that with, "The Money Pit," "Arachnaphobia"*, and, given my work conditions, me being one of two fat white people in a black-owned beauty parlor (I play the girl....but, the other one is a massage therapist, so, perhaps I'm wrong), half of the sitcoms that failed on UPN/The WB. Yeah. A casserole of those visuals.

The final thing happened just last week. Last week Monday. I decided to do something to help the economy in these parts that was LONG over due! I scoped out the liquor stores. I found three online, but, only found two physically: Alamo Liquors and Discount Liquors. I rather liked Alamo Liquors but didn't buy anything, but, it seems nice and affordable.

I then went to Discount Liquors and asked the woman behind the counter a question that I meant to ask the other place but forgot. It is dreadfully true, I found out. Oklahoma is dry on Sundays. :( I think she said there was an exception if one goes out to a restaurant. I think that was the exception. I told her that I have an uncle in Indiana who joined a bowling league because the Bowling Alley was the one place that served alcohol on a Sunday. I told her I used to live in IL and that after Noon, it was fine, but, I've now moved here.

In a drawl WAY over southerning, that I find hard legitimately reproducing without sounding phony, but, I will try to phonetic it out for you all, "Awwhhhhhhh, Huhneeehhyy, Wha ohhhn Errrrth waaaoooouuuullld youuu doooo thaaaaaaaaat?"

She then went on to ask me what I'm doing and is it full time and do I like it and all that and I said, "Why do you ask? I don't suppose you all are hiring?"

And, as it turns out, they are! Or, not so much them, but, the tobacco place that they also own. Actually, not her. She's a new hire herself. She works at the Christian School in McAlester, but, she told them she has this part time job because they just don't pay her enough.

And, since it's a week later, I did apply for the tobacco shop, but, they didn't have anything to accomodate my schedule.

AND, I was thinking, "Do I really want to work in a Tobacco Shop?" And, the answer is, Yes. Yes, I wouldn't mind it. Let me put that into perspective for the reader. I am more comfortable selling cancer sticks and lymphnoma chew than I am selling Paul Mitchell products* and Ion Detox sessions.

*I'm not actually sure if this works as I have never SEEN "Arachnaphobia," but, just yesterday in my kitchen I played, "Is it stucco or a spider egg?"

*Though, I did buy "The Strengthening Conditioner" or whatever pompous name it has. I want to see if it stregthens and repairs my hair. If not, VO5 and Suave, under a dollar at WalMart, always, all the time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Parent's Aniversary

The 7th. Of Feburary. I'm telling you all this now because next year, I expect gifts for them.

Right, so, remember when I last left off, I had just applied to three places "yesterday"? And, because I had at least one more weekend to weekend off, I decide to call up a friend and stay up until....I think quarter to 0300. (Because, you see, Andrew Levy isn't on "Red Eye" until around 0230.)

Because of stupid sun letting stupid light into this house too much, especially my room where there are windows on the south and east sides of my room, I can't sleep past 0800 (though, I did this weekend...this weekend consisting of Sunday the 15th and Monday the 16th. ...Yes, yes, Happy Birthday to me and all that....unless that goes against your religion.), I wake up around that time, with obvious plans to take a nap later.

Around quarter to 10, I miss a call (I had been charging my phone, I was not by it, and it is not on "ring").

I see that I missed a call and call the 918 number back. It's 918. Maybe it's the Lawyer's Office.

"Hi, this is Janell with Janell's House of Beauty.* I was wondering if you'd be availible to pick up a few hours this afternoon."

*Me, in my head: Awwwwwwwww.

I say that I am and she says that her concern is that I've been with Temp Agencies, and have I ever had a real job? I tell her yes, yes I have and this allieviates her.

We agree for me to come in at Noon.

And so I did.

Let it be stated that the woman who was from....Unemployment or whatever was there and was asking questions of me. I was answering thinking, "She's got this part down pat." The making small talk, I mean.

Anyway, I had been called because Janell told me that she wanted the both of us there to see who could do a better job, 2) she didn't think the other gal was doing so well, 3) The Lord told her to call me.

Let me repeat that: THE LORD TOLD HER TO CALL ME.**

Alright, Thy Will be done.

So, I was tired, "but it was a good tired! :D" -- every blond, ever. I got the job.

The other girl was supposed to get off...I don't remember when, but, she ended up staying until....1500, 1530. She had earlier helped me with a wig sale (I got the sale since she was off the clock), and I think she knew that I was her competetor. She was forced to take a lunch break; she stayed there reading. Me, when my time came, I left and came home to eat. I can do that, I have an hour lunch and live about 10 minutes away. She made the comment that she wanted to know how to do something, 'As long as I'm learning, I'm happy,' or something like that is what she said.

And she didn't get the job.

It was then I realised that, confirming my suspiscions, it doesn't matter if you are eager to learn and really do what all those employment help tips online say, if you're not wanted, there is nothing that can change a mind to show them how much help you'd like to be for them.

But, again, everything DOES happen for a reason, so there's a reason this woman didn't get hired and I did, and I do not begrudge anybody for it. Clearly, I was the better qualified, better personalitied person, and so my boss went with me.

Moral of the story: It doesn't matter how much you want a job, or how much you may be qualified, or, for that matter, how hard you work for it. Keeping a positive attitude and a hard worker my not be what the boss cares about.

Clearly there was something in me that wasn't in her, and again, after being not rejected, I am beginning to understand how some of these things work.

Anyway, it was a busy Saturday. I didn't get out of there until after 1700, and I didn't call my parents because I didn't know if I had the job until the end of the day.

Janell asked me to come back Tuesday the 9th, and so I did.

**Why yes, this is the same God who told a Director of Religious Education to FIRE ME from a VOLUNTEER JOB teaching children. Why do you ask?

Monday, February 9, 2009

A tiny little convent in the southern part of France.

{Blog post originally started Monday, Feburary 8, 2009}

This morning, around 20 minutes ago, I got a call from the lawyer, where I interviewed for a job as a Legal Assistant. I called her twice on Friday to see if I had got the job, but, she was busy. I called her inbetween filling out applications for other jobs. I really wanted that job.

She calls me 20 minutes ago saying she wanted to call me this weekend, but, it was a very busy weekend, but she did want to offer me the position.

I turned it down.

I told her I already had a job and I told her what I was doing (Receptionist to Salon Manager), and when she inquired if that's something I wanted to do, I replied, "Yes, I think I can be happy there."

I would have been making more money there....but, it's not always about the money...*keeps telling self this*

Both (this is starting to get long again, innit?) of these employers (Lawyer and Beauty Store Owner) requested loyalty of their employees before I was to be hired on. Basically, don't do anything, in front of/to co-workers or the public that makes them look like a jerk. I am a bit taken aback by this request, not only because I'm not exactly sure what it means (I had them both explain it) but also because one just doesn't get these kinds of requests/entailments of a job up north. In the Chicago-land area we get things like, "Don't show up to work intoxicated."

Well, how loyal would I be if I just dropped my Employer for This Lawyer? It's not that I feel I'm stuck there or anything by the loyalty clause, but, I called to the lawyer's office two times and I understand that things are busy. And, when she says that she was going to call me this weekend, but it was a busy weekend, I do not doubt that. Maybe she just needed more time to make a decision. Maybe I wasn't her first pick and she was pondering her next step. If she had called me on Friday or even up to, let's say, 10 a.m. on Saturday, I would have jumped at the oportunity (more money and jeans on Friday), but, I was in limbo, and I had to keep putting in for work.

For whatever reason, she didn't/couldn't call me.

And, come to think of it, why did she tell me she was going to call me over the weekend, what difference does that make on Monday morning?

AND, it happened again.

Three minutes before noon this day, I got a call from a place I applied to and tested for online. It was an inbound call center for....tech support of something. They said they could train a person on the product, they just needed people who were good over the phone.

I'm good over the phone.

And, I must say, this was the best test as far as practicality and relevance I have ever taken. There were three tests: an accuracy test, a listening/comprehention test, and a typing test.

The listening/comprehention test was GREAT because you'd have to listen to these people drone on and on about nothing relevant and then be able to pick out the information that was relevant to the question. OR, you had to deal with background noise or a disgruntled caller. It was EXACTLY how over the phone work could be.

So, after you had to listen to how somebody needed something but x y and z are happening to he or she and he or she limits your options, you had to pick out what item he or she wanted....or you would reccomend to her or him based on their rant.

There was a catch to this call, though. 1) It was in Durrant, which is one to two hours away, from what I've heard. 2) They wanted to set up an introductory interview.

Do I think I had a good shot at this job? Oh yes, but, because it wasn't guaranteed (and, even if it was, I already have a job), I wasn't about to quit my job for something that may not happen. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

I told her I was already imployed (and she was nosy, wanting to know where and if I'd be happy there) but, to please keep me on their list for the future (I really love and am REALLY good at phone work).

And so, that's that. Before Noon today, I had two more job offers, but, because, Janell REALLY needed me and got to me first, I decided to stick with her. She says she's really sick of training new people.

And now, what was this blog about?

A) Attia couldn't believe she got more job offers after already finding work.
B) Attia wanted to brag.
C) Attia didn't really want to work for the lawyer.
D) Attia thinks she can be happy not doing phone work.

Friday, February 6, 2009

President Reagan and Axl Rose -- Aught Nine

Today is the 13 day mark of being in OK. My mom left this morning around 0730. I'm still living out of boxes and bags.

Before I can put my stuff up/away, the stuff that is already on display/in dressers/in drawers needs to be sorted. Some of that will be put in the basement, but, before that can happen, we need to go through what's in the basement. My mom got as far as the kitchen...1/2 the kitchen. Some drawers and the pantry. Not the buffett or the cabinets. I'm in limbo until she returns.

But, enough about that, this is about today. Right now. Right now where it is 2026, partly cloudy outside, and 66 degrees. :D That right now.

I started the day by waking up at 0630. It's the First Friday and that means, although it's not offered, First Friday Devotions. Some, and by "some", I'm guessing all, may not know what that means. http://www.miraclerosarymission.org/shj.htm provides an explination. A fairly detailed explination, allow me to sum up. It's a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesus (through non-binding to any but the reciever private revelation), told St. Margaret Mary, though visions, that He wanted to tell all of the world He loves. If we love Him, He has given us the option to show it by going to Mass and venerating His Heart for the First Friday of every month. [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sacred_Heart]Wikipedia[/url] explination.

This wasn't so hard in Chicago. The first time I did it, and took it seriously, I went to St. George in Tinley Park. I hadn't been to confession, so I couldn't recieve the Eucharist, BUT, there is a small side chapel for Perpetual Adoration. Mass is at 0830 weekdays there, and I went to the side chapel on 7/4 to see Jesus.

Then I decided/made a promise to God to go Latin for at least one year. St. John Cantius in Chicago fulfilled that need. The church also does First Friday and First Saturday devotions.

I was not about to wake up extra early to go to Wagoner, which is the closest Latin Mass, because Mass there is around 8ish/9ish, and I have to leave 1.5 hours before hand. The drive, which is alright to do once a week, is not worth it all the time.

So I go to the church in McAlester. It's an Ordinary Form/"Novus Ordo" Mass. Because of the missappropriations of the interpretations of what was said at Vatican II, lots of dumb things have been incorporated into this Mass. I will not elabourate here (much) because that is not the reason for this post. In short, the focus is less on God and more on the people there.

The Mass is said in the chapel, which is in the school.

When Mass started, he genuflected towards the tabernacle. That's good. He went up to the altar and made to kiss it. Didn't actually kiss it, but, gestured a kiss while bending towards it. Not so good. Everything else was pretty standard for this sort of thing: somebody else read the Psalms, (meh/blah/grrr), I don't remember the homily. Then came the Lord's Prayer. The group of us all held hands, from one end of the room to the other. AND, people were then shouting out their intentions (not the priest, but, at least this was after the Our Father...I'm pretty sure...)

Alright, so, after Mass, I get out my Prayers for Urgent Occassions book and got on my knees and started doing the Litany of the Sacred Heart (no, the Sacrament was not exposed, He was locked in the tabernacle in the corner, but, I'm dealt with what I'm given). Let me repeat: I was on my knees, (I'm pretty sure) and I definately was holding this book in front of me and facing the tabernacle.

Father comes up to me and in an audible voice (one is supposed to be quiet in these types of settings) says, "My name is Father *Name I've since forgotten*, and you are...?

--"Doing the Litany of the Sacred Heart."

"Well I see you're doing your deVOtion. You have a deVOtion, there..."

He then went on to tell me about the Mass schedule and asked about what brought me to town and asked for my name. In the meantime, I was also apologizing to Jesus that I had to stop and that the priest is acting this way. He got my name and gave me a prayer book or missale or something...

I come back home and I start the load of towels again (did I mention that my mom turned the dryer off with 20 minutes to go because I cannot leave the house with an appliance running?). I'm still not tired at this time, so, the nap I'm contemplating aint gonna happen.

Around 10 a.m., 1030ish, I call up the lawyer's office to speak with the lawyer I had interviewed with yesterday (Thursday). I was told by her assistant/receptionist (the job I had interviewed for, because she's going to become the assistant to her husband) that she was with a client.

As bummed as I am about this, I decide to not be lazy for once and keep looking for work. I go online and find a receptionist job at a beauty parlor. It said, 'applicants apply in person or call for an appointment.' I called.

It sounded like a swishy black man answered the phone. I told him I was calling about the ad online and he gave the phone to a black woman who told me, "Well, I have a stack of applications here already (implying filled out), but, if you'd like, you can come down and fill one out." I thanked her warmly and hung up the phone.

This is what I heard: a black woman telling me that she already has applications so filling this one out would be a waste of time.

I decided to call her back to let her know I'm not going to take the job.

I call back and I think speak to the same man. I tell him that I don't think I would be able to come in today. "And what day do you think you will be able to come in?" "Monday?" -- *silently hits head for chickening out like that* "Alright, see you Monday."

He then calls back and says that he forgot, they are not open on Monday. I ask what about Saturday, he says yes. I say I'll be in tomorrow.

I shower and get ready to go to the other two places I plan to apply to.

The first is a veterinarian's office. As I'm filling out an application, a woman comes in saying she notices that they are hiring for this position again and she not only filled out an application before, but, she kept inquiring about this position because she wanted it very much (she was being kind of loud and brazen -- way to endear yourself to the workers there, honey) and wanted to know if she would have to fill out another application or are is her application still on file. The women behind the desk laughed a nervous/scared way and said that she'd probably have to fill out another application because the doctor doesn't keep records to well. At this point the woman insisted on speaking to him.

There was also a test thing -- adding, subtracting, pricing. I finished and handed it to the woman behind the counter. She said the doctor will look over it and get back to me (Monday?).

Anyway, I go back to my car, and BECAUSE the beauty parlor is between this vets office and a loan office I am applying to on the intersecting streets, I decide to go and try there. I mean, I'm already showered and ready and it'll save me from doing it tomorrow and I can be lazy tomorrow and it's on the way....

BUT FIRST! I call the lawyer's office again. I get the receptionist/assistant and am told, "She's out to lunch. I gave her your message." Alright, fine. I mean, maybe by the end of the day, I'll hear from the lawyer....she did say HOPEFULLY she'd have a decision by the end of yesterday or today, so, maybe she's still thinking and will get back to me....although, I did the follow up call thing, and I'm still not hearing from her....

I drive over to the beauty shop. I am given an application and fill most of it out rather quickly, answering questions from the owner in the process. Before I can finish she shows me around briefly and is telling me about the place. As I sit back down and am finishing, she asks me if I'm from the unemployment office. I tell her no. She says she's having somebody from the unemployment office come in tomorrow to try out the job. She likes what I have to tell her about my experience leading to, "If you don't hear from me on Tuesday or Wednesday, get back to me on Wednesday."


I leave and apply at the Loan Office. The woman who works there lacks people skills. She does not seem like a good person to work with because she lacks patience for everybody. Fortunately, she tells me, it's her boss that's going to look through the applications, something that he should have done that day, but, HIS boss got sick, so, he had to take over for his boss, meaning, HOPEFULLY, he should be looking over them on Monday.

I come back home and plan to relax. After all, I have nothing lined up for the weekend now that I've applied to all the places....and nothing ever happens on the weekends.

Right you guys, now this is where this will leave off. It is now 2-17-09. I will post the next part, what happened on the Seventh, and the Nineth (which is already in progress) ...."shortly"