Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Time

Good news Nobody!

I have one of these, now. Instead of occasionally sending out an e-mail, I could, if I so choose, post here everyday, and you all can, if you so choose, check here everyday. It's like a public diary/journal/log one could read into, except, it's not being picked up on May 3. So, this is the beginning, but, I'm not going to mention how it began or David Copperfield or nothing.

Although I have more to say, (I'd like to think that it's the blogging format and the blogosphere that turned me arrogant, alluding to I will be saying more but thinking I'm titilating enough to hold it back for now, we all know this just provides an outlet for my pompousness....thank's technology) and will more than likely post a few more posts today here, I'd like to be so pretentious enough to think that people actually care about why I chose the layout of the blog the way I did, just should anybody wonder silently and/or grow annoyed with it.

I chose "S2*", because the S and the 2 are supposed to mirror each other to form a heart. The asterisk is supposed to be a star. I did toy with the idea of "<3", for "heart" but, "less than three asterisk" looks like a bad incomplete equation...especially when one considers the asterisk is also a multiplication sign.

StarHeart because, these are the two earings that I wear and I have decided to include this as the signet on the back of all cards that I make because (and even in my head this sounds SO conceited, to tell all of this), ultimately, it is a U2 reference...s. The drummer wears two different earings and I figure, if it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me, and I chose the Heart and Star because I attached the significance of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the 12 stars associated with the Crown of Mary in Apocalypse 12. "Looking for Jesus and His Mother." It's simpler than that, though. I have assigned significance to these shapes, but, I think I am enamoured with these shapes because they evaded me as a child. I couldn't draw a heart or a star when I was young and I was in awe of those who could. It could just be something primal like that that has been impressed into my psyche or id.

Besides, after I saw the title for this, I rather liked it, it had one letter, one number, and one symbol.

I chose black as the background colour because there's nothing more annoying than looking at the computer at night and clicking on a new tab and being blinded by the negative resolution white. It lights up the whole room, it's hard on the eyes, it's not very condusive for my tastes.

The pink looks good with black and the green looks dumb with the pink. The pink and green is, admittingly, an inside joke that will never grow old. It is from my college days. It comes from a movie from hell my friends and I watched.

Hopefully this will work.