Tuesday, January 6, 2009

An Epiphany!! -- Still Not In Oklahoma

I've closed out my savings account here, all my money is in checking, my P.O. Box is almost up, I'm mostly packed up (everything I NEED, anyway) and I'm still in IL.

At first we (my parents and I) were supposed to leave on Jan 1. I asked my mom how about Jan 2? She said fine, her and I would carravan as my Dad could not leave as he was on call. That was on a Friday. She said Sunday the 4th would be better, Sundays are lighter. That didn't happen. She didn't feel like it. She claimed she wasn't feeling well. It wasn't convenient for her. She actually said that, "It's not convenient for me." What about the weather for the rest of this week? Tomorrow would be best. ...But, it's snowy today, so, it's going to be bad downstate tomorrow she claims. She said she'd give me the keys and the garage door opener and I could go tomorrow (then she told me what to do in case I slide off (ice?) into the Mississippi River). Now she's saying she WONT give me the keys and garage door opener; she's not letting me go down there alone. I need to follow her. "You need to follow me." I could go down there and ask the neighbour across the street...but, she said I'd be inconveniencing her because she goes to bed at 2100....I don't plan to get there that late. "Everybody would have to rearrange their schedules just to accomodate you!"....in the meantime, I'm in limbo...waiting on my mom...who said we'd leave 3 times by now....

Okay, so that's the weather. How about the schedule?

We originally were going to go down on the 2nd....but, my mom would have to be back by the 21st as she promised my cousin to take her somewhere. Then, we couldn't go before the 12th because my parents are going to the opera on the 12th, so, we could go on the 14th, 15th, 16th (she'd need a day to recoup). That would give her less than a week down there with me. She already told me she's not just going to leave me there. It turns out, my dad could take my cousin but, my mom told me Feburary works better for her. I haven't worked since Feb 28, 2008, in the meantime. I'm not looking for work here because I'm going to be living down there. My bank account isn't growing exponentially because of me not having a job. What else....my dad has to go to the doctor (my mom told me three different dates, but, now she is saying twice, and that I don't listen). She won't tell me why, "It's none of your business," but, for some mysterious reason, we can't go down there because of some mysterious thing concerning my dad....assuming that's true.

Alright, so, weather, parents, how about Oklahoma itself? Well, as my mom and dad have both told me, I'm not a long distance driver (how they would know this, I don't know, they have never been with me when I've driven distances and I've never driven more than five hours at a time), so, I can't go on my own. St. Louis, especially, is tricky. The question lingers: if I'm not a long distance driver, how come I'll be following my mom down there? With or without her doesn't influence if I can drive long distances comfortably.

The house down there: the heater is 30 years old. It wasn't working the first day my parent's were down there. My mom is afraid it may either a) go out, or b) lead to carbon monoxide poisoining. If it goes out, the house is going to have a lot more trouble if nobody is in there. The kitchen sink: yes, I'm throwing in the kitchen sink -- The pipes underneath the sink (I've been told) are copper. The pipe has a puncture in one place and is corroded in another. My mom says we can't really use the sink for this reason. WHY we can't just go to Menards or Lowes or Home Depot and buy a replacement (look online for how to install), I don't know. She's getting a plumber involved. I don't know why. Further, her Early to Bed Early to Rise Friend told her there's a nasty strain of the Flu down there. I don't plan to be in contact with many people. It's better the sooner I go down there to get all my stuff moved in the way I want, I apply for jobs (my mom is going to take me places...yes, my mom is going to take me places to apply to make sure I get a job....though, today she said, "You're not going to get a job right away) right away, and the sooner I get down there, the sooner I can get used to the allergens. I hope to go while the weather is still mild.

But if a bad ice storm hits.....at least I'll be down there before tornado season.

In the meantime, I don't want to pay for another 6 months of my P.O. Box ($13). Don't want to have to. My mom says she'll "pull the money out of [her] ass and pay for it."

...And why would I have any reason to doubt this?.....

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