Friday, February 6, 2009

President Reagan and Axl Rose -- Aught Nine

Today is the 13 day mark of being in OK. My mom left this morning around 0730. I'm still living out of boxes and bags.

Before I can put my stuff up/away, the stuff that is already on display/in dressers/in drawers needs to be sorted. Some of that will be put in the basement, but, before that can happen, we need to go through what's in the basement. My mom got as far as the kitchen...1/2 the kitchen. Some drawers and the pantry. Not the buffett or the cabinets. I'm in limbo until she returns.

But, enough about that, this is about today. Right now. Right now where it is 2026, partly cloudy outside, and 66 degrees. :D That right now.

I started the day by waking up at 0630. It's the First Friday and that means, although it's not offered, First Friday Devotions. Some, and by "some", I'm guessing all, may not know what that means. provides an explination. A fairly detailed explination, allow me to sum up. It's a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Jesus (through non-binding to any but the reciever private revelation), told St. Margaret Mary, though visions, that He wanted to tell all of the world He loves. If we love Him, He has given us the option to show it by going to Mass and venerating His Heart for the First Friday of every month. [url=]Wikipedia[/url] explination.

This wasn't so hard in Chicago. The first time I did it, and took it seriously, I went to St. George in Tinley Park. I hadn't been to confession, so I couldn't recieve the Eucharist, BUT, there is a small side chapel for Perpetual Adoration. Mass is at 0830 weekdays there, and I went to the side chapel on 7/4 to see Jesus.

Then I decided/made a promise to God to go Latin for at least one year. St. John Cantius in Chicago fulfilled that need. The church also does First Friday and First Saturday devotions.

I was not about to wake up extra early to go to Wagoner, which is the closest Latin Mass, because Mass there is around 8ish/9ish, and I have to leave 1.5 hours before hand. The drive, which is alright to do once a week, is not worth it all the time.

So I go to the church in McAlester. It's an Ordinary Form/"Novus Ordo" Mass. Because of the missappropriations of the interpretations of what was said at Vatican II, lots of dumb things have been incorporated into this Mass. I will not elabourate here (much) because that is not the reason for this post. In short, the focus is less on God and more on the people there.

The Mass is said in the chapel, which is in the school.

When Mass started, he genuflected towards the tabernacle. That's good. He went up to the altar and made to kiss it. Didn't actually kiss it, but, gestured a kiss while bending towards it. Not so good. Everything else was pretty standard for this sort of thing: somebody else read the Psalms, (meh/blah/grrr), I don't remember the homily. Then came the Lord's Prayer. The group of us all held hands, from one end of the room to the other. AND, people were then shouting out their intentions (not the priest, but, at least this was after the Our Father...I'm pretty sure...)

Alright, so, after Mass, I get out my Prayers for Urgent Occassions book and got on my knees and started doing the Litany of the Sacred Heart (no, the Sacrament was not exposed, He was locked in the tabernacle in the corner, but, I'm dealt with what I'm given). Let me repeat: I was on my knees, (I'm pretty sure) and I definately was holding this book in front of me and facing the tabernacle.

Father comes up to me and in an audible voice (one is supposed to be quiet in these types of settings) says, "My name is Father *Name I've since forgotten*, and you are...?

--"Doing the Litany of the Sacred Heart."

"Well I see you're doing your deVOtion. You have a deVOtion, there..."

He then went on to tell me about the Mass schedule and asked about what brought me to town and asked for my name. In the meantime, I was also apologizing to Jesus that I had to stop and that the priest is acting this way. He got my name and gave me a prayer book or missale or something...

I come back home and I start the load of towels again (did I mention that my mom turned the dryer off with 20 minutes to go because I cannot leave the house with an appliance running?). I'm still not tired at this time, so, the nap I'm contemplating aint gonna happen.

Around 10 a.m., 1030ish, I call up the lawyer's office to speak with the lawyer I had interviewed with yesterday (Thursday). I was told by her assistant/receptionist (the job I had interviewed for, because she's going to become the assistant to her husband) that she was with a client.

As bummed as I am about this, I decide to not be lazy for once and keep looking for work. I go online and find a receptionist job at a beauty parlor. It said, 'applicants apply in person or call for an appointment.' I called.

It sounded like a swishy black man answered the phone. I told him I was calling about the ad online and he gave the phone to a black woman who told me, "Well, I have a stack of applications here already (implying filled out), but, if you'd like, you can come down and fill one out." I thanked her warmly and hung up the phone.

This is what I heard: a black woman telling me that she already has applications so filling this one out would be a waste of time.

I decided to call her back to let her know I'm not going to take the job.

I call back and I think speak to the same man. I tell him that I don't think I would be able to come in today. "And what day do you think you will be able to come in?" "Monday?" -- *silently hits head for chickening out like that* "Alright, see you Monday."

He then calls back and says that he forgot, they are not open on Monday. I ask what about Saturday, he says yes. I say I'll be in tomorrow.

I shower and get ready to go to the other two places I plan to apply to.

The first is a veterinarian's office. As I'm filling out an application, a woman comes in saying she notices that they are hiring for this position again and she not only filled out an application before, but, she kept inquiring about this position because she wanted it very much (she was being kind of loud and brazen -- way to endear yourself to the workers there, honey) and wanted to know if she would have to fill out another application or are is her application still on file. The women behind the desk laughed a nervous/scared way and said that she'd probably have to fill out another application because the doctor doesn't keep records to well. At this point the woman insisted on speaking to him.

There was also a test thing -- adding, subtracting, pricing. I finished and handed it to the woman behind the counter. She said the doctor will look over it and get back to me (Monday?).

Anyway, I go back to my car, and BECAUSE the beauty parlor is between this vets office and a loan office I am applying to on the intersecting streets, I decide to go and try there. I mean, I'm already showered and ready and it'll save me from doing it tomorrow and I can be lazy tomorrow and it's on the way....

BUT FIRST! I call the lawyer's office again. I get the receptionist/assistant and am told, "She's out to lunch. I gave her your message." Alright, fine. I mean, maybe by the end of the day, I'll hear from the lawyer....she did say HOPEFULLY she'd have a decision by the end of yesterday or today, so, maybe she's still thinking and will get back to me....although, I did the follow up call thing, and I'm still not hearing from her....

I drive over to the beauty shop. I am given an application and fill most of it out rather quickly, answering questions from the owner in the process. Before I can finish she shows me around briefly and is telling me about the place. As I sit back down and am finishing, she asks me if I'm from the unemployment office. I tell her no. She says she's having somebody from the unemployment office come in tomorrow to try out the job. She likes what I have to tell her about my experience leading to, "If you don't hear from me on Tuesday or Wednesday, get back to me on Wednesday."


I leave and apply at the Loan Office. The woman who works there lacks people skills. She does not seem like a good person to work with because she lacks patience for everybody. Fortunately, she tells me, it's her boss that's going to look through the applications, something that he should have done that day, but, HIS boss got sick, so, he had to take over for his boss, meaning, HOPEFULLY, he should be looking over them on Monday.

I come back home and plan to relax. After all, I have nothing lined up for the weekend now that I've applied to all the places....and nothing ever happens on the weekends.

Right you guys, now this is where this will leave off. It is now 2-17-09. I will post the next part, what happened on the Seventh, and the Nineth (which is already in progress) ...."shortly"

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