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Humility or Disrespect?

I posted the following on a Catholic Forum for advice. The replies I got were all of one nature. I shall post the original cunundrum along with the two replies for a better understanding. I apologize for the big paragraphs. Originally it was typed as individual paragraphs, but, I'm not going to take up more space here.

Initial Post:
Hey All.I am asking you because you are Catholic and have a better understanding of what I'm going through.I moved to OK from IL in January. I was able to get a job 14 days later. It was advertised as, "Receptionist," or something like that at a Salon. I wasn't going to apply, but, it was on the way between two other places to which I applied. I applied on a Friday and was called on Saturday.It's really more than a receptionist job, as I was told after I was hired. It's also sales and cleanining up the place and making sure that the business runs smoothly and being my boss' right hand person. She said that the actual title of the job is, "Salon Manager," but, I'm not there yet.She also told me that it's not a part-time job, but, though I have been there for over a month now, it's still part time hours. Even if I work full time (all when the shop is open), and take an hour for lunch each day, I'll still be 32.5 hours AT BEST.Did I mention that this is the lowest paying job I've ever had, too? It is UNDER minimum wage. $6. Per hour. It was her husband's idea: start out small and if they really want the job, they'll work and can get raises. The last person who was there for a while was there for 2 years and was making $8/hr.The cost of living down here is not as expensive, but, all in all, I think my bills are more than my income. If it wasn't for me selling land, I don't think I could make it at all.If nothing else, not that I don't feel God will provide, because He has and He will, but, none of the taxes are taken out of my check. Providing I make over $600 while there, I will get a 1099 next year so I can pay the taxes. ....To be honest, I think I'll need a part time job just to pay the government back because I cannot save up any money as it is.I prayed for a job. I prayed for a career. I told my boss I like this job because I didn't want to have to look for work again (who knew if I would find any), and disappoint my family who was so happy I had got a job.I turned down other jobs that Monday (a Legal Secretary where I'd be making $8/hr, because she didn't get back to me in a timely fashion, and I didn't feel comfortable quitting my new job when both the Lawyer and the Salon Owner request, "loyalty," out of their workers, and a potential job for inbound calls...potential because they wanted to bring me in for a FIRST interview....and that was about 1.5 hours away). I wanted to be the one for this woman. I knew she was getting sick of training people and training people isn't easy, especially when you are the only one there.I prayed for humility and so, I accepted this job, where I'm asked to do everything but hair and nails. I have to clean and balance the drawers and help customers et al.I also have to deal with my boss. She's a good Baptist woman and that's what also attracted me to this job (I've never been at a place where we opened with prayer before), but, I can see now why other people quit on her.Should she make it to May, this shop will be open 7 years, and she says it's not her business but the Lord's Business.Besides the money issue (and she always tells her clients, money isn't everything...and I agree, but, when one cannot pay the meanest of bills, that motto is a load of rubbish), she will say one thing and say something contradictory throughout the day.I have taken her saying that I'm not wonderful at my job (she'll praise me on my phone work, but not acknowledge all else that I do). I have taken her slight insults (regarding my weight, and not being there to sell a pair of contacts when I was doing inventory in the back room, like she told me -- I CAN'T BILOCATE!!!). Today, though, something happened TWICE that made me wonder if it wasn't time to start looking for a new job.She was testing out a new girl for a part time Front Desk position on Saturday (my job, but, even more part time than it is now). I thought she was going to be hired, but, yesterday my boss told me that she was never going to be hired and she had told her that, but, she was only trying her out.The reason this new girl was brought in, I believe, was because I had left early the day before due to a malady. I also called in the week before one day because I was sick, so, I missed 10 hours (9 if one takes lunch into account) in two weeks. Like I said, I am the person to make sure the business runs so that my boss can do hair.So, there was a new new girl today. I got annoyed when she was visiting with the Massage Therapist, but, I thought, well, maybe she's a better multi-tasker than I am and it's better I do this labouring work (sweeping/cleaning/inventory), because I'll be the full time person there, so, it's best I know where all the inventory is. At one point, though, my boss tells me that I can get her to help me or get her to do it, so, I show her how to do the inventory.She finishes the one room and asks me when is lunch and I tell her, if she's on the same schedule as me, between either 1230 and 1330 or 1300 to 1400, but, if she's hungry, ask Our Boss, and I'm sure she'll let her go. (She said she had to go to the realator's.) She would be gone from 1200 to 1300 and I could go to lunch from 1300 to 1400).

Initial Post II:
She scurries out of the shop and calls about 40 minutes later, and I guess she's decided to go back to her old job because they offered her more money. My boss tries to talk her out of it (if that is really what the case is), but, asks her to think about it.My boss then says in front of me and in front of clients, "I really liked her. I wish she would have stayed. Whenever I hire someone I REALLY like and who are good at their job, they always leave me."I didn't know how to take that.A few minutes later she says, again, in front of me and in front of clients, "I was hoping to have a good crew going by my anniversary, but, oh well."Saints have put up with worse, I am aware, and, I realise that ranting about all of this will not help me but only add more time in Purgatory rather than accept the sufferings here, but, at the same time, the American in me thinks, "persuit of happiness." I am aware I am subject to my boss and that she deserves my respect.The motto for the shop is, "Honesty, Loyalty, and Respect."I have signed a contract with her that I am bound to her for 6 months, should I quit on her, she can keep my last week's pay check.Finally in all this, remember Saturday New Hire? The one who she was never going to hire? Because this new new girl quit, she wanted me to call up the one who was there on Saturday. She then told me, though she was telling me she was just testing her out for a few days, she had planned to bring New Hire in for two days a week, and New New Hire in for three days (I had assumed she just meant to test out). I call New Hire and alert my boss she is on the phone, and my boss picks up and says, "Hi, I meant to call you would you like to come in..."This other girl starts tomorrow, I think,...againBeing fired will not do my self-esteem any wonders, but, if it is God's Will....I just don't know what I should do. A friend I met through my parents told me to start looking for another job, not just part-time, a real nother job.Again, I prayed for humility, but, try as I might, I just have not been happy at this job. Is God trying to extend His Love to me by providing me such a wonderful oportunity to get over my pride or do I deserve better as a human being?Opinions?

Reply to the Replies 1:
Thank you all, and I ask for others' comments as well only because I know I'm missing an opportunity here to share in the sufferings of Christ. If there's anybody who sees it that way, please let me know.Though, I've been thinking about it, perhaps I am becomming proud in developing a martyr complex? That wont help.Anyway, Corki, I quote you because, I thank you for your comment, and I'd like the forum to know, I looked at the minimum wage website (yes, I am in the US). It turns out that only employers with 10 or more employees need to pay minimum wage (unless it's a waiting job). I really don't know how many people she would plan to hire, but, except for my job, the others (cosmotologist, stylist, nail tech -- assuming any are hired), are either percentage or booth rent, MEANING, either they will either get 60% of the payment of any customer they work on and my boss will get 40% (which is pretty standard, I think) until they get clientelle of their own. IF they have clientelle, then they make all the money they make from their clients, but, have to pay my boss since they are taking up space in her shop. It is doubtful she's going to hire 10 or more people for front desk.What do you mean, "without getting something in return"? That last sentence, what?]I can also make commission, if I either sell a product(s) or bring people in. 10% of the sale. I was doing well my first week, but, then she told me, more specifically how, that I was kind of taking advantage of the system. I've tried to sell things, but, the customers weren't interested at my suggestions.My favourite piece of advice I've gotten from her is I don't need to sell the items, the items sell themselves.Some do. ...Not all...Also, funny thing, because she wanted me to start wearing make-up, and because I wanted to help the business (I bought a Swiffer Vac that I hope to be able to take back without the box to get my money back), and because I wanted to see if Paul Mitchell products are really better than generic, and various other things, AND, because for my own vanity, I've also purchased violet contacts ($27.25 with tax) and a scrunchie made out of purple synthetic hair ($10): I've paid her probably about as much as she has paid me.

Reply to the Replies 2:

Thank you ALL for the replies!!I am on my lunch break at home now as I type this.It may interest you to know that last night I began to look for other work. I sent in my resume and called a place this morning. It is still under minimum wage, but, more than my first job, and more than I am making now, and hours are 40-49, IF I get this job. IF I get this job, it appears to use more of my gifts. I interview et al tomorrow afternoon after I get off of work.Regarding the contract: I typed it up. It was originally worded so that if I am no longer employed by my boss I lose my last paycheck. I typed it up so that if I am fired, I am not entitled to it. I didn't want to be fired AND no paycheck.Cleaning was always part of the position. She wants everything done and now. It's not easy to jump in with both feet and do everything when the filing system is not organized and I don't know where anything is. I asked her the first week I was there one day, "What do you want done first, sweeping or *some office thing that needed to be done but I cannot remember now*?" Her response? "All of it."I also pointed out to her, approximately the first week I was there, that the anti-virus program she had said that it was at risk or something. I pointed this out while a customer was waiting to pay (everything is on the computer). My boss said, "Okay well, we can worry about that later, we'll take care of this now."I wasn't worried about it. I wanted to point this out to her and await her instructions if I should close that or not. I wanted her to be aware of the situation. I later found out she doesn't much know about computers. As a matter of fact, I went back after hours last Saturday to help her e-mail something (off the clock. I volunteered. I want her to know how to e-mail).The computer hasn't worked for the past 3 days. It will turn on, but, we can't get it to start up, really.The contacts: These are non-prescription vanity contacts. They're just different colors. She may have a license to sell them for all I know.She gave me a compliment today, the same compliment she's been giving me for the past couple of weeks: Once I get the other stuff down that I need to do, she thinks I'll be great at the job....if I still want the job.I have been working toward the Salon Manager job, but, with comments like this and such...perhaps it's not for me.While she has assured me that I'm getting there little by little, I'm still just getting there.There's more I want to say, but, my hour is almost up.Edit: Also, as it stands, I am not sure if I'm going to do the two weeks thing or just keep working part time (mornings some days) until August when my contract is up. My contract stipulates that I either renew or give two weeks notice THEN.

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