Friday, March 20, 2009

The Purple Muppet never corrected me. Ah Ah Ah!

I'm counting out the cash register today as I do every day before I leave. There may be some sales still to go in the day, but, if it's just one or two, or it looks like none, before I leave, typically, I was count the money/credit card reciepts/checks, etc. in the till.

I was putting the dimes in groups of five on the binder paper so I could tell at a glance how many I had.

My boss sees this and chuckles and says, "Is that how you count?"

"As opposed to how?" I inquire, wanting to know if there was some better way.

"I suppose everybody has their own way," she said laughing again.


What? What is that supposed to mean? I really wanted her to tell me what she meant and if she had a better way.

"Is that how you count?"

Well, I TYPICALLY count using random letters, colors, and shapes, but, I figured today, I'd try something different.

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