Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Making To many mistake's"

That was what the letter read in part today stating that any time the drawer is short, it will be taken out of my paycheck.

This is because the drawer has been short the last two times. ...I am not the only one in the drawer, mind you. The owner also handles transactions. She is typically in a hurry...

The Owner's Husband (other Owner) came in today. Called my name and then motioned me to follow him. I asked him loudly, "Do you want me to follow you? Do you want me to follow you up there?"

He did and it was to tell me that I have to re-do inventory (yet, again), and, it has been in the computer wrong all this time. He has a system of how the inventory goes in the computer. It goes, Product, Name Brand, Description, Color. This is so we can find it right away.

We use QuickBooks. It has a "Search" function. If I type in part of a product, it will turn up. There's no reason to have such a system, but, I can appreciate this system to make things easier.

I need to go back, though out all the computer inventory, all the list, and re-do everything. That's a productive way to spend time.

I just wish somebody would have told me this before being at the job for almost two months.

He also told me, "These shortages need to stop. You need to knock that off."

I spoke up. I told him that Janell and Melissa were also in the till.

For some reason, he didn't know about Melissa (Janell said she was new to the computer, which, she may have been, I trained her on it just last week), but, it's irrelevant because she wasn't there the past two days.

Janell couldn't have done this..... Even though she's in a hurry. And I never am.

Have I also mentioned if I stay an extra 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes, she is not going to pay me for the time? So, for example, if I stay an extra ten minutes three times in one week, which adds up to one half hour, I don't get paid that half hour. It confuses her, she claims. ...At least I probably wont get paid that half hour. She mentioned it when Melissa (the part time Front Desk) said she's staying to finish what she was doing, but, she was clocking out at 1230. Janell said, in front of a customer, "Good, don't write you're leaving at ten after or 15 after because you're not going to get it."

Let's review, shall we? I don't get paid for all my time there, I have been warned that if there's a discrepancy between the computer and the till, I wont get paid for more of my time there, and her husband came in as the muscle to tell me how to do my job.

....What's my incentive for my lowest paying job, ever?

I did get a ciggy today. From a customer of hers that I drove home. That was better than gas money.

In other news, I went to the answering service in town to pick up an application today (they are not yet hiring, but, there's a big turnover in May, usually, for some reason). The guy there seemed impressed when I told him that I could type over 60 wpm w/o error.

Also, I called up a Prof yesterday to see if anybody called her for a reference. She said no, but, I called up my former Answering Service Boss and she said yes, last week, from the place where I applied, somebody called, on Thursday or Friday, and she seemed impressed because my former boss gave me a glowing reference and told me I'd be perfect for that job.

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