Saturday, July 11, 2009

Something that will ammount to Neutral News Anybody!!!

They're back. Right now.

They being, "Somebody". I had the house to myself for about 30 minutes.

One would think, what with 5 houseguests, all of the male Y-Chromosome type, thus, having their OWN bathroom while here, this would be a good thing.

It would be, if I was the one who decided it.

My mom came in my room at....morning....sometime, and asked where my keys were. I told her. She took my keys.

I wanted to sleep until 11 but, got up to go to the bathroom around 0950, tried to go back to sleep, got up again around....10...something. I was invited to go to the thrift store with my cousins. I have only been to 2 or 3 thrift stores in my life, none of them this one, so, I would like to have acompanied them.

I remember, my mom has my keys. I make my cousins aware of this and the one suggest I call my mom. I do. I ask my mom when she'll be back. She says about an hour. I tell her I'm going with my cousins. She says she'll be here in 10 minutes.

I later check my phone and see that she called and left me a message so I call her back. The cousin (son) was cleaning out the car for the past ten minutes. My mom says to give her 15 more minutes. I am not to leave the house unlocked (which I would have done in case we got back here), as a matter of fact, she told me to stay.

I was GROUNDED!!! I was the house where I primarily reside (alone) in the summer, and I'm over the age of emancipation.

I told my cousins to go without me (and they managed to talk my mom into taking our 9 year old cousin, who we all just met with them so they could by him a toy).

My mom is the one who was that Somebody. She said, "I'm glad you stayed, but, you could have gone and locked the side door."

I am so glad I didn't curse her out (which took all my restraint, by the way. ALL my restraint) because she bought a new stove and a new refrigerator for the house (the door was left open a little bit all night, I was told). The plumbing is also getting fixed and this is costing a lot of money.

Ah, the reason the houseguests are down here is because there's a family reuinon later today. If I survive, I will blog.

It will be long.

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