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According to the Order of Melchisedech

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I've noticed myself, when speaking to Fr. McCambridge staring at his cossack around half the time than his's amazing what kind eyes and an overabundance of generocity can do. I like Father, I really really do BECAUSE God has put him here and if I cannot look Father McCambridge in the eye when discussing some things, it's going to be IMPOSSIBLE to stand in judgement before the Trinity. IMPOSSIBLE. As a matter of fact, I feel sorry for my friends, aquaintances, and bosses who think, with the way they dismiss what they do to and for themselves, and to others, that they really will have a shot of Heaven. It's not impossible, of course, providing that they repent, but, they cannot fool God. Just the fact that some are uncharitable, some are sacreligious, and some are lying and theiving, and they think that they wont be condemned if this continues! Especially because they do not have the Sacraments! I've been thinking about it lately; I am very thankful that I have the Sacraments. I don't know if it is because of Confession, Holy Communion, Father Van der Putten's instruction and admonishings from the pulpit (ESPECIALLY assist at Mass more than once a week.....Oh, please, God, bless and keep and keep holy Father Van der Putten), or Father McCambridge's instruction from the pulpit and council to me in person, but, I....don't want to say "feel"...I don't "feel" closer to God, but, I do think I am conforming more to His Will. I HOPE I am conforming more to his Divine Will. I do not feel compelled to engage in certain sins (the sins I know are sins), and I do not wish to join those who do, and I have been speaking out more against some of them to those committing them, and I do not wish to take part in sin and I feel sorry for those who persist in sin. I do hope they quit. I should probably pray for them. I mean, THEY ARE GROWN ADULTS!!!! Stop acting like children, start taking responsibility, stop defrauding, whether poor or rich are those affected!!!

Edit (this paragraph, 2/27/11): Okay, maybe I was a pit rash and harsh in my previous paragraph. Today Fr. VdP mentioned a certain woman who was a convert to the Faith and a friend of Saint Padre Pio (and how he kicked her Protestant mother's dog...and so very few priests would mention that) and her mother died and Saint Pio said she was in Heaven because of (justifiable?) ignorance and she practiced her faith in faith. ...The daughter, the Catholic, on the other hand, who was a Terciary and the kindest, most charitable, woman known to the people, though she went to Mass everyday, had to suffer some time in Purgatory. ...Maybe I am being hard on some of those I know, BUT, I do hope for their sakes they practice the faith as best they can for the love of God and do not try to get one over on Him. May God have mercy.

Where was I? Oh yeah, this one isn't about my priests...but, I just...THEY DO SO MUCH!!!! AND THEY'RE SO HOLY!!!! AND SO VERY MUCH IN LOVE WITH GOD!!! They really are just very giving. VERY.

Anyway, this one is about two other priests I've recently read about. Both having the same temptation, one proudly succumbing and leaving God, the other



The following, I think, is a bit unfair, but, it is included.

The dynamic between these two is Judas and Peter. The one is obstinant in his pride and sin, the other has contrition, and more importantly, obediance. He is to remain silent on the matter, and he does. His name is continually dragged through the mud, and he lets it be. He's said his peace.

I also like how Fr. Cutie let the temptation overcome him until he could no longer see straight, while Father Euteneur admitted his fail did not result in the sexual act (it could have been a passionate kiss for all we know) and he was NEVER ever considering leaving his ministerial priesthood. He admitted it got out of hand, he apologized to all concerned. He is remaining obedient.

May God have mercy on them both. I was upset at Fr. Cutie, disgusted even, until I read his e-mail exchange. I felt profoundly sorry for him.

"You can lie to yourself and your minions, you can claim that you haven't a qualm, but you NEVER can run from, nor hide what you've done from the eyes.....the very eyes of Notre Dame."

They are a priest forever. ...FOREVER. Whether in Heaven or Hell...FOREVER.
Hebrews 7:17

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