Sunday, February 27, 2011

And again, my priest...

Fr. VdP said something during the interruption of Mass today that occured to me less than 30 minutes ago.

Some bloke may be dying. The one particular man he was talking about had two(?) blood clots in his lungs. They were in his legs, he was given blood thinners and they traveled to his lungs. He could die if they reach his heart.

We were asked to keep him in our prayers.

But, Fr. VdP began this with something like, "*So & So is in the hospital, I gave him the Sacraments early this morning..."

EARLY THIS MORNING is what just recently dawned on me. He was celebrating the 0830 Mass (and the 1300 one, since Fr. Mc is away this week), and so, "Early this morning" was EARLY this morning. I don't know what time he wakes up, but, he has to get ready for the day and say his prayers and all that, plus, I'm guessing, says extra prayers and such because it is Sunday, BUT, he was called/asked to administer to this dying (possibly) soul. And he did. He got up, drove to the hospital, and took care of God's child.

That's true service, that is charity, that is vocation, right there.

But, the thing is, he COULDN'T go home and sleep, no, he had Mass, and, he had another one later, and, he was just as vibrant as ever during the Homily and all throughout the actual Mass he was manipled to. After Mass, he was outside talking with the parishoners.

These men are really called to be no less than Jesus.

May God grant them abundant graces to be like Him.

It really always amazes me how much Frs. VdP & Mc put themselves out. ...God is not going to accept any excuse from me for my laziness. May God have mercy on me.

God bless my priests!

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