Sunday, February 27, 2011

And we're back!

To our regularly scheduled postings....who knew that a blog dedicated to The Sacred Heart and Our Lady would turn into "I LOVE MY PRIESTS!!!!"? ;)

Anyway, I found out recently, through happenstance clicking around on the Internet, why a priest wears what he does. At least, what he wears what he SHOULD.

~MY~ Father's wear them, and, it makes a difference. I wish all priests would wear these, for their benefit and for ours.

Three Things:

1. Roman Collar.
----Like a dog has a collar, so do these men. It shows that they MUST be obedient to Rome (i.e., the Pope/the Church). They are bound to Her teachings.

2. The Cassock.
----Black. To show that they are dead to the world. Neck-to wrists-to ankles. Modesty. Some have 33 buttons down the front, one for each year of Christ's life.

3. The Cinture.
----The wide belt around the priest's waist. It represents/symbolizes chastity.*

Every morning, traditional priests get up, say their prayers and get dressed (in that order?), and remind themselves and the world (for indeed, the reason priests dress apart is to show the world they ARE set apart, and, in theory, that anybody can see who they are and if they need to get to confession, if they cannot get a hold of that priest, they have a reminder) that they are a priest: they are living for God, dead to the world, and dead for the flesh.

I don't know how holy priests who do not wear the cassock and cinture (and collar) are, I really don't, and far be it from me to speculate on that, BUT, I think it is a grave disservice to the priests, for their own souls, who do not take advantage of this wardrobe. I don't know what seminary hates them, but, I hope, for their own souls, and, for the love of God and His Church and Her members, he would take it upon himself to research and wear these items.

All day, everyday.

* :D :D :D :D :D

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