Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Parent's Aniversary

The 7th. Of Feburary. I'm telling you all this now because next year, I expect gifts for them.

Right, so, remember when I last left off, I had just applied to three places "yesterday"? And, because I had at least one more weekend to weekend off, I decide to call up a friend and stay up until....I think quarter to 0300. (Because, you see, Andrew Levy isn't on "Red Eye" until around 0230.)

Because of stupid sun letting stupid light into this house too much, especially my room where there are windows on the south and east sides of my room, I can't sleep past 0800 (though, I did this weekend...this weekend consisting of Sunday the 15th and Monday the 16th. ...Yes, yes, Happy Birthday to me and all that....unless that goes against your religion.), I wake up around that time, with obvious plans to take a nap later.

Around quarter to 10, I miss a call (I had been charging my phone, I was not by it, and it is not on "ring").

I see that I missed a call and call the 918 number back. It's 918. Maybe it's the Lawyer's Office.

"Hi, this is Janell with Janell's House of Beauty.* I was wondering if you'd be availible to pick up a few hours this afternoon."

*Me, in my head: Awwwwwwwww.

I say that I am and she says that her concern is that I've been with Temp Agencies, and have I ever had a real job? I tell her yes, yes I have and this allieviates her.

We agree for me to come in at Noon.

And so I did.

Let it be stated that the woman who was from....Unemployment or whatever was there and was asking questions of me. I was answering thinking, "She's got this part down pat." The making small talk, I mean.

Anyway, I had been called because Janell told me that she wanted the both of us there to see who could do a better job, 2) she didn't think the other gal was doing so well, 3) The Lord told her to call me.

Let me repeat that: THE LORD TOLD HER TO CALL ME.**

Alright, Thy Will be done.

So, I was tired, "but it was a good tired! :D" -- every blond, ever. I got the job.

The other girl was supposed to get off...I don't remember when, but, she ended up staying until....1500, 1530. She had earlier helped me with a wig sale (I got the sale since she was off the clock), and I think she knew that I was her competetor. She was forced to take a lunch break; she stayed there reading. Me, when my time came, I left and came home to eat. I can do that, I have an hour lunch and live about 10 minutes away. She made the comment that she wanted to know how to do something, 'As long as I'm learning, I'm happy,' or something like that is what she said.

And she didn't get the job.

It was then I realised that, confirming my suspiscions, it doesn't matter if you are eager to learn and really do what all those employment help tips online say, if you're not wanted, there is nothing that can change a mind to show them how much help you'd like to be for them.

But, again, everything DOES happen for a reason, so there's a reason this woman didn't get hired and I did, and I do not begrudge anybody for it. Clearly, I was the better qualified, better personalitied person, and so my boss went with me.

Moral of the story: It doesn't matter how much you want a job, or how much you may be qualified, or, for that matter, how hard you work for it. Keeping a positive attitude and a hard worker my not be what the boss cares about.

Clearly there was something in me that wasn't in her, and again, after being not rejected, I am beginning to understand how some of these things work.

Anyway, it was a busy Saturday. I didn't get out of there until after 1700, and I didn't call my parents because I didn't know if I had the job until the end of the day.

Janell asked me to come back Tuesday the 9th, and so I did.

**Why yes, this is the same God who told a Director of Religious Education to FIRE ME from a VOLUNTEER JOB teaching children. Why do you ask?


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