Tuesday, February 24, 2009


That looks cool, right? That's what I want my license plate down here to say.

But, before I get my license plate, I have to get my license. Before I get my license, they need to see my birth certificate. This is what they told me when my mom was still down here and I inquired about it. My mom goes back to IL and sends me a copy of the Birth Certificate. I tell her it wont work. She asks me why wont it work? It should work. I tell her it's because it's the copy, they need the original. However, I will try.

Well, I cannot try the monday after I recieve that because that's President's Day, so, though I have the day off, the Government buildings/businesses are closed.

I go this past Monday. I even get tarted up to go this past Monday (I will post pics just as soon as I think it's inappropriate....). I go in the afternoon.

I almost slip out the door without my Birth Certificate Copy, but, I remember without it this whole thing is useless and so I go get it.

I get there and sign in and wait. In the meantime, there was a mother who brought her son to get his license. He was sent home from McAlester High because his hair was purple. I commented him on it because it matched his jacket. The hair was a light frosted lavender. I asked him to take off his cap so I could see it all. It was only the ends of some parts. The rest of his hair was blond. It turns out his hair was in a faux hawk style and the tips were coloured when he went to....some....water park or something over the weekend. His mother, wearing a Christian sweatshirt, thought it was pretty dumb too.

My name is called. I go up there. I present the Copy.

I am told that they need the Original. They need the one with the Seal. They need the one from which that was copied. I take my Copy and immediately call my mom (yes, I was in the building and I had to be reminded to go outside).

Let everybody else learn from my mistake. You MUST have the ORIGINAL Birth Certificate if you are getting a license in OK because the rules have changed.

....You could still get by with a copy or a forgery if you're running for President of this country, though....

But, I'm much too Ravenclaw for that.

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