Monday, February 9, 2009

A tiny little convent in the southern part of France.

{Blog post originally started Monday, Feburary 8, 2009}

This morning, around 20 minutes ago, I got a call from the lawyer, where I interviewed for a job as a Legal Assistant. I called her twice on Friday to see if I had got the job, but, she was busy. I called her inbetween filling out applications for other jobs. I really wanted that job.

She calls me 20 minutes ago saying she wanted to call me this weekend, but, it was a very busy weekend, but she did want to offer me the position.

I turned it down.

I told her I already had a job and I told her what I was doing (Receptionist to Salon Manager), and when she inquired if that's something I wanted to do, I replied, "Yes, I think I can be happy there."

I would have been making more money there....but, it's not always about the money...*keeps telling self this*

Both (this is starting to get long again, innit?) of these employers (Lawyer and Beauty Store Owner) requested loyalty of their employees before I was to be hired on. Basically, don't do anything, in front of/to co-workers or the public that makes them look like a jerk. I am a bit taken aback by this request, not only because I'm not exactly sure what it means (I had them both explain it) but also because one just doesn't get these kinds of requests/entailments of a job up north. In the Chicago-land area we get things like, "Don't show up to work intoxicated."

Well, how loyal would I be if I just dropped my Employer for This Lawyer? It's not that I feel I'm stuck there or anything by the loyalty clause, but, I called to the lawyer's office two times and I understand that things are busy. And, when she says that she was going to call me this weekend, but it was a busy weekend, I do not doubt that. Maybe she just needed more time to make a decision. Maybe I wasn't her first pick and she was pondering her next step. If she had called me on Friday or even up to, let's say, 10 a.m. on Saturday, I would have jumped at the oportunity (more money and jeans on Friday), but, I was in limbo, and I had to keep putting in for work.

For whatever reason, she didn't/couldn't call me.

And, come to think of it, why did she tell me she was going to call me over the weekend, what difference does that make on Monday morning?

AND, it happened again.

Three minutes before noon this day, I got a call from a place I applied to and tested for online. It was an inbound call center support of something. They said they could train a person on the product, they just needed people who were good over the phone.

I'm good over the phone.

And, I must say, this was the best test as far as practicality and relevance I have ever taken. There were three tests: an accuracy test, a listening/comprehention test, and a typing test.

The listening/comprehention test was GREAT because you'd have to listen to these people drone on and on about nothing relevant and then be able to pick out the information that was relevant to the question. OR, you had to deal with background noise or a disgruntled caller. It was EXACTLY how over the phone work could be.

So, after you had to listen to how somebody needed something but x y and z are happening to he or she and he or she limits your options, you had to pick out what item he or she wanted....or you would reccomend to her or him based on their rant.

There was a catch to this call, though. 1) It was in Durrant, which is one to two hours away, from what I've heard. 2) They wanted to set up an introductory interview.

Do I think I had a good shot at this job? Oh yes, but, because it wasn't guaranteed (and, even if it was, I already have a job), I wasn't about to quit my job for something that may not happen. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

I told her I was already imployed (and she was nosy, wanting to know where and if I'd be happy there) but, to please keep me on their list for the future (I really love and am REALLY good at phone work).

And so, that's that. Before Noon today, I had two more job offers, but, because, Janell REALLY needed me and got to me first, I decided to stick with her. She says she's really sick of training new people.

And now, what was this blog about?

A) Attia couldn't believe she got more job offers after already finding work.
B) Attia wanted to brag.
C) Attia didn't really want to work for the lawyer.
D) Attia thinks she can be happy not doing phone work.

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